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What is a gully cover?

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What is a gully cover?


The gully cover is usually a grating covering the drainage gully, which can quickly and directly drain water into the gully under the cover. There is no possibility of water accumulation. It is usually used in low-lying areas, on both sides of roads, indoor vegetable markets, car washes, parking basements, etc. Usually, the trench covers are used in batches and linear arrangements. The indoor drainage system uses this type of gully, which can reduce the cost of constructing an underground drainage system. And this type of gully can play a role in protecting the drainage system. The sewage in the gully under the gully cover can play a role in sedimentation and sedimentation, reducing the direct discharge of debris and sediment into the drainage system and causing blockage.


gully covers

How to choose a gully cover?


To observe the quality of a product, it is necessary to see whether its appearance is beautiful. If it has many bubbles and spots, the quality of the trench cover needs to be considered.


Trench covers gully cover are mainly used in some factories and high-end communities. This is mainly because the cement trench cover is often crushed and the road surface is also damaged. Therefore, the trench cover plate made of the glass-reinforced plastic composite is suitable for different loads. Because the trench cover is simple in construction, light in weight, good load-bearing, impact resistance, bend and not bend, large displacement, beautiful and durable, and anti-corrosion, it has the incomparable advantages of cast iron cover.


The drainage ditch cover is a kind of environmental engineering accessories, which is often used in road construction, and we can also see it on the road. There are many types of drainage ditch covers, and the materials used for the drainage ditch covers vary depending on the environment. So how to choose the gutter cover for different usage scenarios? 

drainage ditch cover

Generally, steel gratings are generally used if they are only used for urban drainage and for people to walk on. The carrying capacity is strong, and some large and medium-sized vehicles can come and go. If a chemical plant or an area with frequent acid rain, if the metal is used, it will cause a chemical reaction, leading to tedious replacement and increasing maintenance costs. Compared with the metal ditch board, the glass drainage ditch cover is lighter in texture and saves time and effort in installation. The resin fiberglass fiber reinforced plastic produced by the new technology has a bearing capacity that is not inferior to that of metal and has strong corrosion resistance. It has played a great role in many chemical production and acid-base sewage discharge fields. There is also a reinforced concrete drainage ditch cover plate, which is made of concrete material, which has strong stability but is relatively heavy and difficult to repair once a problem occurs.


The dense drainage ditch is designed for crowded places. The dense drainage ditch cover is characterized by small gaps, which can allow some small and conventional objects to pass through without being stuck, and retain the drainage function.


Steel gratings can be seen in some swimming pool overflow drainage grating, but it doesn't feel very good to step on them with bare feet. It is not only very ice, but also not very skin-friendly. The composite swimming pool overflow drainage grating feels comfortable, and the thermal conductivity is not as good as steel. It will not feel very cold even in winter, nor does it have a sharp feeling of steel. And it gives people a comfortable, beautiful and high-end feeling.

Swimming Pool Overflow Drainage Grating

For the drainage ditch near some chemical plants, it is necessary to choose some acid and alkali corrosion resistant, lightweight composite structure, easy to replace and repair the drainage ditch, is a very ideal material.


What are the benefits of using trench cover in road engineering? 

Trench cover is mainly used in road engineering. It is used more in municipal engineering, and most of it is used for drainage. Regarding some rainwater, or the terrain is more depressed, we will pass through the trench. The construction of the cover plate is used for urgent drainage to ensure the safety of life and material safety of the public.


The hole row of the trench cover should also be planned clearly. Try to save materials and resources: when large spans and heavy loads, the price is lower than cast iron; and it can save the cost of replacing cast iron covers due to theft or crushing.

How should I choose the load capacity of the gully cover?


Take the BS EN124 standard as an example,You can choose the required load-bearing range based on this standard.


BS EN124

Composite gully cover vs cement gully cover


The drainage gully cover made of cement material, due to frequent wind and sun over the years, the gap of the gully cover is prone to defects, which causes the gap of the gully cover to become wider, and human feet enter the gap of the drainage cover on the roadside, which is easy to cause Bruises on the legs. Due to the erosion of rainwater, the cement at the seam of the cover plate is very easy to fall off, which causes the seam to increase, which intensifies this hidden danger. Therefore, the use of cement cover is not recommended, because cement cover is almost the most frequently occurring quality problem among all common materials of drainage gully cover.


Composite gully cover vs metal gully cover


Metal drainage ditch covers are more common. Generally, ductile iron is generally used if it is only used for urban drainage and for people to walk on. Its carrying capacity is strong, and some large and medium-sized vehicles can come and go. However, if a chemical plant or an area with frequent acid rain is used, if the metal is used, it will cause a chemical reaction, leading to cumbersome replacement and increasing maintenance costs.


The resin composite drainage ditch cover plate is relatively lighter than the metal ditch plate, and the installation is also time-saving, labor-saving, and anti-aging. The composite trench cover is made of high-strength composite materials supplemented by steel bars and is molded at high temperature. It has no recycling value and realizes active anti-theft. It is not inferior to the load-bearing capacity of metals and has strong corrosion resistance. Production and acid-alkaline sewage discharge fields play a great role and are commonly found in many industries such as traffic auxiliary roads, sidewalks, real estate, communications, water affairs, chemicals, pipeline gas, and power supply systems.


Applications scenarios of gully cover


The drainage system in the park is relatively concealed. A linear drainage ditch is often used. A linear drainage ditch is a very popular way of park drainage. It is deeply loved by designers. The selected ditch cover can also be added with some ingenious Techniques and design lines to produce artistic effects. The design of the linear finished drainage ditch in the park has solved the function of the drainage ditch and more perfect greening of the park. The finished linear drainage effectively protects the ground and the service life of the building and integrated with the architecture.


The area of the park is generally larger and the design is deeper. After sedimentation, the drainage flows into the collection well and then is pumped by a submersible pump. However, it should be noted that the drainage system in the park must use the natural topography to determine the drainage direction and dig the drainage ditches according to the prescribed slope. The drainage system of the park shall be provided with continuous, unobstructed, and other emergency facilities to prevent mud, sewage, wastewater, etc. from flowing out or blocking the drainage ditch.


Nowadays, many people use special composite grilles for car washes shops. The advantage is that the ground can be completely grounded, and the ground does not have to worry about water storage. On the other hand, it is best to clean the sediment, but even if you don't need a special sediment pool, consider the water behind the entire ground, the sediment is under the grid.

gully cover used in car washes shops

It is easy to build the trough without digging, and the height is more than 10cm. General stores use glass fiber reinforced plastic grille size 38MM thick.

Install the grille, the grille requires beam support every 40cm, all the grille is vertical and the beam forms a vertical cross, using uniform force. Be sure to vertical beams and grilles, it is very important to avoid waste.

Installation selection considerations


The steel grating trench cover of the roadway is divided into side trench cover and transverse trench cover according to the direction of vehicle travel. The load-bearing flat steel perpendicular to the direction of the vehicle becomes a side trench cover, and the load-bearing flat steel parallel to the direction of the vehicle becomes a transverse trench cover.


For the sidewalks, roadways, steel gratings of parking lots, ditch covers on the ground of docks, or buildings used on traffic roads, the design, and selection of them should be taken into consideration due to the difference in load and direction of traffic.


When it is used for the gutter and cross-section gutter cover on the road (the direction of the vehicle is parallel to the direction of the load-bearing flat steel), not only the wheel pressure and impact must be considered, but also the danger of the gutter cover from bounce and displacement must be taken into consideration. The plate is fixed to the angle steel and the support beam (can be fixed by welding or steel grating mounting clips).


Advantage of trench covers


The anti-theft performance is better. This kind of trench cover is made of polymer materials, which are processed at high temperatures and then molded. There is no value for secondary use. Therefore, its anti-theft performance is better and it also reduces accidents. occur.

Beautiful appearance and more convenient to use The product of the same specification weighs less than half of the traditional material cover. It will be much more convenient in the process of installation, inspection, and maintenance. It can also produce different specifications and different according to the specific requirements of customers. Colored products not only facilitate management but also beautify the environment.

Longer use time Compared with traditional materials, it is not easy to rust, wear-resistant, and heat-resistant. The most important feature is that it is not easy to be damaged in a strong acid and alkali environment.

High precision because this product is molded at high temperature. Therefore, the gap between the joints is relatively small, and it has got rid of the problems of "sounding, jumping, and running" in the cover of cement and cast iron cable trenches in the past, and has been widely used in new plants. The above is the basic performance of the cable trench cover. In addition to the above, it has many other performances. It is precise because of these performances that it can have a place in the fiercely competitive market. I believe it will be on the road in the future. It will go farther and farther, and you can see it everywhere, even in small factories. Customers need to choose the appropriate cable trench cover according to their different needs.

Insulation:The composite trench cover is made of polymer composite material, which is not only insulated but also resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and is safe and reliable for use in special factories and other environments.

Noise: The composite manhole cover series products are tightly integrated with the cover base, and the balance has no warping or beating. The cast iron manhole cover series products are castings, the cover and the seat are not tightly combined, and it is easy to jump, jump, loop, and shift when the vehicle is driving. The cover and seat of ordinary manhole cover series products are not tightly combined, and it is easy to bounce and damage when the vehicle is running. 

Appearance: The appearance of the composite cable trench cover is beautiful and smooth, and the surface of the manhole cover can be installed according to design requirements. Ordinary manhole cover series products are easy to rust and corrode, have a single color, and are not beautiful. The surface of the cement manhole cover series products is uneven and difficult to install.

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