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Hangzhou Jinmeng Road Establishment Co., Ltd., founded on 2001, is a National High-tech  Enterprise specializing in providing composite manhole covers and customized composite material one-stop solutions.


Jinmeng has participated in several National Standards for manhole covers and Smart City and obtained Italian ICMQ, British UKAS, ISO9000, ISO14000 and other system certifications.

Strictly implement the National Standard of the People's Republic of China "GB/T 23858-2009 Inspection Manhole Cover" and European EN124-5:2015 "Standard for Sewer Covers and Manhole Covers for Vehicles and Pedestrians".
It is molded from an exclusive patented material and equipped with a long fiber structure, which is sturdy and durable, with stronger compression resistance, and the highest test load is 900KN (90 tons)
FRP (organic glass fiber reinforced plastics ) itself is a world-recognized, good corrosion-resistant material; it has extremely high resistance to atmosphere, water, and general concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, and a variety of oils and solvents; it has been universally applied to all aspects of chemical corrosion protection.
"Ultraviolet absorber" is introduced in the product design, which effectively improves the anti-ultraviolet performance of the product; improves the anti-aging performance, prolongs the fading time of the product, and extends the service life of the product.
Compared with cast iron manhole covers and cement reinforced manhole covers, the weight is lighter. Easy for the construction and maintenance, while greatly reducing transportation costs.
1. The natural properties of SMC material make it have no recycling value, and prevent traffic accidents and road safety hazards caused by theft.
2. The simple and innovative anti-theft system design concept enables the manhole cover to be opened only by a specially designed key, which greatly improves the safety.
The product has good anti-static performance, which eliminates the potential safety hazards caused by static electricity, and has good insulation. It is widely used in gas stations and other oil gas industries.
Unlike cast iron that blocks electromagnetic waves, SMC has good wave-transmitting performance, and the communication signals in the well can be directly transmitted to the ground base station through the SMC manhole cover. SMC materials have been widely used in fields such as smart manhole covers and 5G radomes.
Product structure / size / pattern / color / performance / carrying capacity / function / brand customization.



What is SMC ?

SMC (sheet molding compound) is used in thermosetting compression molding to produce large parts with high mechanical properties and excellent surface finish. SMC is a polymer composite material, mainly composed of thermosetting resin, mineral filler and glass fiber reinforced material. The resin used is usually unsaturated polyester (UP) or vinyl ester (VE). Additional ingredients such as thermoplastic components, catalysts, inhibitors, mold release agents, thickeners, and color pigments are used to enhance the performance of the final product and the molding process.

What is SMC Manhole Cover?

SMC manhole cover is based on high-strength SMC sheet molding material, which is molded at high temperature to form a high-density whole. It is shaped like an iron plate with a hard texture. It has a smooth surface and can resist a large amount of load.

Why Choose SMC Manhole Cover ?

With the help of natural advantages of raw materials and continuous improvement of production technology, Jinmeng composite manhole covers have good impact resistance, bending strength, high friction resistance, noise resistance, high corrosion resistance, longer service life, and lighter weight, and are easy to install. It has no recycling value due to raw material characteristics. 
At the same time, combining with the Jinmeng anti-theft lock system and waterproof & noise-reduction technology developed by the company's R&D center, Jinmeng SMC manhole cover is more technical and has better practicability and generalization which perfectly solved the traditional cast iron manhole cover’s theft problem. 
SMC material has obvious advantages in tensile resistance, bending performance and flexible structural design performance, and is currently the most ideal composite manhole cover material. Compared with BMC reinforced steel manhole cover, magnesite material manhole cover and other composite manhole cover, Jinmeng SMC manhole cover performed much better at loading test and makes the road safer. 
Its main products include composite manhole covers, water meter, power and gas industry meter boxes , Drainage grate, customized composite products and SMC materials.
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