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Since 2001, we have invented, designed, patented, and manufactured our products proudly exported to customers from the world Jinmeng continuous obtained "ISO900 1, ISO14001, ICMQ, UKAS certificates, Jinmeng supply round to rectangle product match various classes of BS EN 124, AS3996, AASHTOM 306- 10 load ratings that can easily pass your local official road manage requirements.

Jinmeng has a 70,000 m2+ fabricating area, hundreds of hydraulic machines, 1500+ molds for customize requirements. and we have exported to more than 80 countries.

Jinmeng is a manufacturing and technology company that works hard on loading capacity, in house quality management, and re-engineering of composite covers, manhlole chambers.

Founded in 2001Hangzhou Jinmeng Road Establishment Co., Ltd is a world class manufacturing and technology company based in Lin’ An, Zhejiang with two manufacturing plants. We offer a comprehensive line of composite protective solutions for sewer, storm drain, irrigation control, and telecommunication fiber optic applications.

JinMeng manufactured from an exclusive formulation of polyester resin and fiberglass with sheet molding composite techniques yields lightweight high strength products for easy installation and supplying manhole covers, drain grates, valve boxes, access chambers, and pedestals. We’re proud of our China manufacturing roots, strengthening our position in an ever-changing marketplace. In 2009. we won the G B/T2 3858-2009 standards and "National High-tech Enterprise" in China. Over the years, Jinmeng has enjoyed steady growth through our in-house engineering and manufacturing control of several strategic manufacturing facility purchasements.