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  • How to select a professional manhole cover manufacturer?


    Jinmeng believes that R&D is fundamental to the development of enterprises. Since our establishment, we have always attached importance to R&D and continuously increased the investment, taking R&D as a source of continuous development power. Read More

  • Be wary of fake and shoddy manhole covers!


    Low-priced counterfeit and inferior products enter the market and gain a strong competitive advantage by virtue of their prices in the short term. If there is no penalty mechanism for fake and shoddy products in the market, then such products will generate huge profit margins and obtain long-term development opportunities. Read More

  • With climate conditions changing, our drainage system needs to as well.


    Urban roads can respond to increasingly extreme weather changes by Construct more drainage facilities, Introduce new facilities to the drainage system, and expand the drainage surface. Read More

  • Jinmeng Composite Manhole Cover - From Made in China to Intelligent Manufacturing in China


    What is intelligent manufacturing in China? Jinmeng’s 20-year development history can be fully reflected! Specifically, it is quality plus innovation. Continuously polish the quality with a craftsman-like spirit, and promote innovation with continuous technological research and development. Read More

  • Jinmeng Art Manhole cover Design for The Kindergarten


    The manhole cover, as the entrance to the urban underground pipe network, is part of the details of urban underground pipe network management in urban construction. Read More

  • The UK's largest composite manhole cover supplier choose Jinmeng


    For years,more and more buyers around the world choose Jinmeng composite manhole cover. Today, the UK's largest composite manhole cover supplier delivers manhole cover... Read More

  • Jinmeng provided manhole covers for tanzanian gas stations Jinmeng provided Tanzan Gas Station with corrosion-free lightweight fiber-reinforced plastic composite access covers through their responsi


    Jinmeng provided Tanzan Gas Station with corrosion-free lightweight fiber-reinforced plastic composite access covers through their responsive local distribution network Read More

  • Jinmeng Phillipines telecom manhole project


    Jinmeng’s extensive range of composite telecom manhole covers can withstand the same heavy loads as traditional materials,at a fraction of the weight. Read More

Its main products include composite manhole covers, water meter, power and gas industry meter boxes , Drainage grate, customized composite products and SMC materials.
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