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We are a production-oriented enterprise, and the products are usually produced by customizing and generally do not keep inventory. You only need to tell us the size and usage scenarios of the manhole cover, and we can provide you with solutions for customized production.

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ICMQ, British UKAS, ISO9000, ISO14000 system certifications
1,000-level independent R&D center,Annual production capacity of 1 million sets
More than 20 years of manufacturing experience,  Professional service after-sales team

Custom Manhole Cover Manufacturer

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ODM/OEM services available.
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Product Customization Process

Market research  research and development feasibility analysis  3D structural engineering and formulation design  FEA simulation suppression test  material prefabrication and functional testing  determine the final material and formula  mold design and experimental testing  sample production  sample performance testing  determine the final process  SMC Mass production and process control  mass production according to the final confirmed samples  performance testing and sample inspection  packaging and transportation
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Manhole Cover

Drain Inspection Cover, this type of manhole cover requires maintenance personnel to enter the manhole room for maintenance and other operations. It is usually used in areas with high load-bearing areas such as roads. The issues that need to be considered are load-bearing and safety performance. In addition, when a vehicle or the like is driving on the surface of the manhole, the manhole cover may bounce, causing the manhole cover to pop up and shift, and present safety hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the sealing ring mode of the manhole cover in the selection to prevent the phenomenon of bouncing. You can even choose a lockable manhole cover, which can also prevent the risk of damage and theft of the facilities in the well.
The manhole cover, as the entrance to the urban underground pipe network, is part of the details of urban underground pipe network management in urban construction. We have our own R&D design team, the color and pattern of the manhole cover can be customized and UV- stable. The art manhole covers are Safe and non-slip to protect people's safety.
Sealed Manhole Covers
Sewer Manhole Cover
Articulated manhole cover
Lockable Manhole Cover

Sewage Drain Cover

Sewer Drain Grate

Sewage Drain Cover often appears in family gardens and parks. The main function is to eliminate flowers and plants, the accumulation of water on the surface of the courtyard when it rains heavily, and it is likely to be accompanied by deposits such as fallen leaves, and the probability of people, vehicles, etc. walking on the surface of the manhole cover is very low. Therefore, the problem to be considered when choosing this type of manhole cover should be the efficiency of drainage.
The structure of the sewage drain cover is sturdy and durable. It is made of SMC and is stronger than BMC. It combines untreated ingredients and recyclable ingredients treated with UV inhibitors to prevent sunlight fading And cracked. As part of a complete drainage system, the grate will block mulch, leaves and debris when covering the water entering the drain. Pipes carry water to downstream discharge points or seep into the ground through dry wells or infiltration trenches.

Ordinary BMC composite manhole covers are molded by using BMC aggregates and steel bars. The fiber content and length of BMC aggregates are far less than SMC, so its strength is not as good as SMC. Therefore, steel bars should be added when making the manhole cover. However, the steel skeleton can be used. To the role of temporary support, but it still fails to meet the requirements when it encounters a high-load use environment. The mass and steel bars of the BMC composite manhole cover will gradually separate under the action of pressure. Therefore, the phenomenon that only a few steel bars are left on the BMC manhole cover or the steel bars are often broken on the road surface; while the Jinmeng SMC manhole cover uses glass fiber without The strength of steel bar technology is much higher than that of BMC.
Gully Grid Drain Cover
Gully Grid Cover
Water Gully Cover
Gully Cover And Frame

Manhole Chamber

Underground Enclosure Box

Jinmeng assembled manhole chambers are very popular. Jinmeng Assemble SMC Manhole is made of Sheet Molding Compound(SMC) material with high material strength and climate-stability performance, while the total weight is 1/10 of traditional concrete material. By reducing the installation time, less people and equipment required, total EPC cost will be reduce.

Jinmeng Manhole use a unique “Knock-Down”TM design, which means knock down into panels while delivering and assemble at the destination, the shipping space will be 1/4 of traditional prefabricated manhole – it means total shipping & logiest will be reduce 3/4. Pre-drilled SMC panel already preserved at each side of manhole, can be easily knock out for any requirement during cabling. It saves the time and cost to drill holes at site.
Assembled Manhole Chambers
Drain Inspection Chamber
Sewer Inspection Chamber
Underground Pull Boxes

Water Meter Box, Composite Valve Box

Composite Valve Box conforms to BS EN124 A15 Class and is suitable for irrigation control valve, water, sewer, electric, reclaimed water, cable TV, telephone, and others.
The water meter box can prevent the water meter valve from being exposed and prevent the water meter will corrode and be damaged as the years grow. It provides a convenient method for reading water meters or processing underground lines and can be integrated into the environment, beautiful and practical. 
Jinmeng water meter boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designations. All meter boxes and lids contain UV inhibitors for sustained durability and performance in direct sunlight.
Water Meter Box
Underground Water Meter Box
Water Meter Cover
Round Water Meter Cover

Numerous Optional Details of Composite Manhole Cover

More Features & Options


Anti-falling manhole cover - inner cap manhole cover

Anti-falling manhole cover is used for preventing the people from falling into the manhole. It has good bearing capacity, high toughness, and improves the safety of the manhole cover. 
The double cover design is very useful. When the main cover is damaged, the sub cover can also act as a temporary buffer to prevent the risk of falling. There are four leak holes to prevent water from filling up.

Anti Slip Pattern & Logo Area


Various types of non-slip patterns are beautiful and practical. 


In order to establish your brand effect, customer Logo, Inscriptions and cover customized design service is supported.

Manhole cover lock style selection


Theft prevention of manhole covers has always been a troubled problem. The composite manhole cover does not have metal properties and has no recycling value, so it is anti-theft. However, the loss of the manhole cover is not only because the thieves need to steal the manhole cover and sell it. From a safety perspective and to protect the integrity of the manhole's internal facilities, it is very necessary that the manhole cover can be locked. We provide many types of locking structures, including screw locking manhole covers, handle locking manhole covers, special lock structures, etc.



Manhole cover opening method selection


There are traditional opening methods for manhole covers, and different lifting holes and tools can be selected. And there is also have clamshell integrated manhole cover, 90 degree, 120 degree and 180 degree opening and closing angle to choose from. Opening is easier and safer.

Jinmeng manhole covers are divided into ordinary manhole covers, clamshell integrated manhole covers and screwed manhole covers, and inner covers can also be added. The installation methods are also different for different types of manhole covers. We have a professional after-sales team, installation and maintenance details, our after-sales team will give you patient guidance and after-sales service.


Manhole Cover And Frame


Various types of manholes and bases, installation methods suitable for different application scenarios. And it has the anti-settling manhole cover developed by Jinmeng.


Anti-settling manhole cover

If the manhole cover is crushed by high-tonnage vehicles such as automobiles for a long time, settlement of the manhole cover may occur, causing uneven road surface. Therefore, Jinmeng designed an anti-settlement manhole cover for this, which is suitable for roads, hard shoulders and parking lanes of all types of vehicles.

The first domestic anti-settlement manhole cover independently developed by Jinmeng, uses a widened base to effectively buffer the impact pressure from passing vehicles on the road surface, so that the manhole cover can "float" on the road surface to achieve the effect of anti-settlement. At the same time, the product has an inner cover, which can also realize the anti-fall function. At present, the products have been widely used in major domestic projects.

The discharge of urban sewage is accompanied by the generation of special gases. If the manhole cover is not tightly sealed on urban roads, the gas containing peculiar smell will leak, which will cause discomfort to people. If there is biogas-like gas generated, an open fire may cause explosions to cause the manhole cover to fly. You may have seen such news.


At the same time, Jinmeng segmented the market demand and launched more suitable products according to different industries, such as anti-sedimentation series for road administration, anti-static series for gas stations, and waterproof and anti-theft series for electric power. Different manhole cover characteristics meet the needs of different industries and fully guarantee the safety of the manhole cover during use.

The manhole covers are mainly based on safety,municipal sewage wells are deep in water and have a high risk factor. If the anti-falling design is added, the degree of risk can be greatly reduced. Jinmeng manhole cover products have a built-in anti-falling inner cover, which can effectively solve the risk of falling from municipal sewage wells.

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Why Jinmeng manhole cover are trustworthy?

Hangzhou Jinmeng Road Facilities Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. In 2016, Jinmeng became the first and only Chinese Enterprise obtained European ICMQ certification. Jinmeng has advanced manufacturing technology, in accordance with the EN124, EN1433 EU standards, AASHTO American standards, SCTE 77 Amercian Standards and and AS3996 Australian standards. And Smart City and obtained Italian ICMQ, British UKAS, ISO9000, ISO14000 and other system certifications. Jinmeng won the "Zhejiang Famous Brand" honour.
With the vision of "Science and Technology, Smart Composites, and Better Life", Jinmeng provides innovative materials and solutions to allow people to experience a lower-carbon, environmentally friendly, lightweight and efficient life.
Jinmeng is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on composite material inspection manhole covers and composite material overall technical solutions. It has participated in the formulation of a number of national standards and obtained the Italian ICMQ, the British UKAS, and ISO9000. , ISO14000 and many other system certifications, and won the "famous business name in Zhejiang Province". The company has an independent research and development center, independently developed composite materials with high strength, corrosion resistance, light specific gravity and high flexibility, and obtained a number of inventions and utility model patents. The products are based on the national standard GB/T23858-2009, European standard EN124-5:2015, American standard AASHTO, Australian standard AS3996 and other standards, and develop towards high performance, multi-function and intelligence, and are exported to more than 80 countries.


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Product technical advantages

Our self-produced anti-shrinking agent system has higher purity (concentration) than those purchased on the market, plus a reasonable amount of use, so the shrinkage rate of the product is smaller! The shrinkage rate is small, the flatness of the cover plate is good, the warpage deformation rate is small, the matching gap between the cover and the seat is small, and the flatness of the joint surface of the cover plate and the base is higher. It avoids problems such as bounce, abnormal noise, friction and wear between the cover and the seat when the vehicle passes by.

Hangzhou Jinmeng Road Facilities Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and production of composite manhole covers. The product uses high-strength W-SMC as the bottom layer and other auxiliary materials to form a whole under high pressure, with excellent bending and tensile strength. It will not bend or deform even under high pressure. Depending on the structural design and the amount of sheet material used, the product can meet different levels of load, up to 90 tons. If installed and used properly, the product can be used for more than 20 years.

Why choose composite material for manhole cover?

Since the composite manhole cover does not contain metal materials, there is no risk of rust and theft, which not only solves the road maintenance cost to a large extent, but also ensures the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

Advantages of composite assembly manhole chamber

Composite manholes have lower maintenance costs, smooth surfaces, and easier flushing of prefabricated manholes. It is more resistant and stable to various chemicals caused by sewage or soil. Non-conductive, anti-corrosion, stronger toughness.

Why need to replace and refurbishment the manhole cover?

The manhole cover is lost, not properly covered, and severely damaged, posing a fatal risk to pedestrians, especially at night. Regular maintenance and replacement are necessary. Ensuring the structural integrity of manholes can increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve public services.
Its main products include composite manhole covers, water meter, power and gas industry meter boxes , Drainage grate, customized composite products and SMC materials.
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