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How to choose manhole covers
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The Specifications of Different Manhole Covers

It is a vital decision to select proper manhole covers in many spaces, such as in schools, airports, communities, and so on. When you prepare to choose manhole covers, you must know the types, sizes, and weight classes of these, which can provide suitable manhole covers for your needs.

a. Types of Manhole Covers 

When select and determinate the cast iron manhole covers, you should pay more attention to the types which are suitable for the projects in different spaces and affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of manhole covers. Different types of manhole covers should be employed in different places, our company has many types of manhole covers with high-quality, high-wearability, and high-tightness to accomplish your great projects. 

Round Manhole Covers

Jinmeng's composite round cover is made of high-quality SMC material which is high-strength, light-weight, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and durable. It is widely used in electricity, telecommunications, communications, gas stations, gas, urban main roads, high-grade highways, and municipal roads, electricity, residential areas, gas stations, and other areas.
Jinxing has participated in several National Standard for manhole cover and Smart City and obtained Italian ICMQ, British UKAS, ISO9000, ISO14000, and other system certifications.
With a better performance than Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, and RCC manhole covers.
Our covers are available with load-bearing capacity ranging from 2.5 tons to 60 tons (E 600).
Jinmeng specializing in providing composite manhole cover and customized composite material one-stop solution.

Square Manhole Cover 

The square manhole covers are manufactured according to the EN124 standard, which is lighter than the traditional manhole cover, which greatly reduces the transportation cost. It has high strength, aging resistance, high-temperature resistance, good wave transmission performance, and antistatic performance.
Jinmeng products meet the national standard GB/T 23858-2009, European standard EN124-5:2015, American standard AASHTO, Australian standard AS3996 and have been developing to the direction of high-performance, multi-functioning, intelligence. Covers and composite products have been exported to more than 80 countries and won a global reputation. Jinmeng is a Chinese top manhole cover manufacturer and won the "Zhejiang Famous Brand" honor. Jinmeng has participated in several National Standards for manhole covers and Smart City and obtained Italian ICMQ, British UKAS, ISO9000, ISO14000 certifications. 

Manhole Chamber

Jinmeng Assemble SMC Manhole is used for underground cable junction and connection, or installation of a telecommunication device, and following maintenance. 
Jinmeng Assemble SMC Manhole is made of Sheet Molding Compound(SMC) material with high material strength and climate-stability performance, while the total weight is 1/10 of traditional concrete material. By reducing the installation time, fewer people and equipment required, the total EPC cost will be reduced.
Jinmeng Manhole uses a unique “Knock-Down” TM design, which means knockdown into panels while delivering and assemble at the destination, the shipping space will be 1/4 of the traditional prefabricated manhole – it means total shipping & logiest will be reduced 3/4. A pre-drilled SMC panel already preserved at each side of the manhole can be easily knock out for any requirement during cabling. It saves the time and cost to drill holes at the site.

Gully Cover 

Innovation SMC Composite material improvement and structure performance, Jinmeng Gully Cover suitable for sidewalks, drainage channel and well, underground parking area, drainage system on both sides of the road. ensuring traffic safety, pedestrian areas, and comparable parks or car parking decks. The design of large areas for leaking has a better drainage effect.

Water Meter Box 

Water meter boxes are commonly used civil infrastructure equipment and are widely used in irrigation control valves, water, sewers, electrical, recycled water, cable television, telephones, etc. The top cover of the water meter box can be opened. The back of the sidewall of the box is provided with a water inlet pipe gap through which the water inlet pipe passes. 

Composite Valve Box 

Innovative material improvements and structure performance, Composite Valve Box with a 315mm outer skirt, to fit with a 315mm pipe. The cover is fastened onto the frame with screws and the customer name can be customized.

b. The Features of Different Manhole Covers

Different manhole covers have different features. When you want to choose the right manhole cover, you should know about the detailed features. Besides the high-quality products, our company owns an outstanding and stable manhole cover supplier, and affordable manhole cover price with excellent quality.





Round Manhole Cover

01 Round Manhole Cover


  1. Two or three lifting screws are easy for operation.
  2. Clamshell design protects the cover from stealing.
  3. High wear resistance performance.
  4. Shock absorption by rubber sealing.
  5. With good sealing and prevention of harmful smell leakage.
  6. Surface pattern and other customization services are supported.



Square Manhole Cover

02 Square Manhole Cover


  1. Composite materials have no recycling value, and compared with cast iron manhole covers, the chance of being stolen is greatly reduced.
  2. The weight of the product is much lighter than cast iron, which greatly reduces the damage to the human spine and fingers during the installation process, and the surface has a good anti-slip design.
  3. Unlike cast iron that blocks electromagnetic waves, SMC has good wave-transmitting performance, and the communication signals in the well can be directly transmitted to the ground base station through the SMC manhole cover. SMC materials have been widely used in fields such as smart manhole covers and 5G radomes.





Manhole Chamber

03 Manhole Chamber


  1. Assemble part light, easy to install.
  2. Knock-down package and assemble at the site, save transportation cost.
  3. Comparing to precast concrete or brick-manhole, installation time is much shorter, only one day.
  4. Corrosion resistance and low water absorption rate(less than 0.5%).
  5. High and low-temperature application(-80℃ - 150℃).
  6. Non-conductive.



Gully Cover

04 Gully Cover


  1. Lighter than metal.
  2. No maintenance and no risk to be stolen.
  3. Corrosion-resistant and no rusting.
  4. Easy transportation and installation.
  5. more than 30% water leakage area.
  6. 1 screw avoids the cover's bounding.


Water Meter Box

05 Water Meter Box


  1. Has good corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance.
  2. Low recyclable value, effectively preventing theft.
  3. Long service life, general outdoor service life can reach 30 years.


Composite Valve Box

06 Composite Valve Box


  1. S.S screw fastens the lid onto the frame.
  2. Customer Logo, Inscriptions and cover customized design service is supported.
  3. Various color options are available and Black or Grey are recommended.


b. Manhole Covers Dimensions

We provide various sizes, types, and load-bearing manhole covers dimensions for your need.  You can tell us what manhole covers you need, and we can manufacture the covers according to your requirement. 

c. Weight Class for Manhole Covers

The weight class is an important element of a sewer manhole cover because different spaces need different weight classes of the manhole cover. You can refer to the forms below.

A15=An area where only pedestrians and bicycles are allowed to pass
B125=Occasional light traffic and driveway duty
C250=Slow movement of cars and vans( For example in car parks)
D400=Main road traffic, fast-moving traffic
E600= Heavy duty traffic like in warehouses, docks, etc. Movement with solid heavy tyres.
F900=For areas with heavy-duty loads eg. In airports

Compositions of Manhole Covers

Compositions of manhole covers are significant when you install them in different regions.  On the one hand, You should observe the spaces that what compositions of manhole covers can be used properly.  On the other hand, safety for pedestrian traffic, utility workers, transportation, airplanes, and so on have driven Jinmeng to develop an advanced composition offering the highest level of safety and performance.


How to choose Suitable Manhole Covers in Different Spaces

It is important that when choosing suitable manhole covers by selecting the correct dimensions in different spaces. The manhole covers need to sit securely over the hole you are covering, so you need to measure the inside dimensions of the hole from brick and brick and to choose the most suitable covers following the hole in different spaces.



Carrying Grade of Manhole Covers

Residential areas


Large shopping mall


residential quarters, streets, and alleys


urban arterial roads, highways, high-grade highways, and other areas




freight stations, wharfs


How to Install the Manhole Covers(D400) in Specific Places

As commonly made out of concrete, cast iron, or a combination of concrete and iron, manhole covers are made for the safety of anybody passing above the hole of a sewer, therefore when install the manhole covers you should pay more attention to your operation. 
To install manhole covers is not a simple project, which needs to think about the operation steps, sizes, types, and so on. 

Step 1: Check the diameter of the manhole opening firstly or fit on the frame on the groove. 
If necessary, insert a formwork around and inside the manhole on which the cover is to be fitted. Make sure that the frame stands upon the formwork when in its final position.

Step 2: Check the conditions of the manhole opening and groove, removing debris, loose particles, or dirt.

Step 3: Do not use any brackets, or any threaded spindles when adjusting the height of the frame.

Step 4: Lay a coat of sealing product around the top of the manhole. 
The minimum recommended thickness for the coat under the frame, once installed and leveled, is: - 4 cm in the case of quick setting “micro-concrete” type sealing products, - 8 cm in the case of a 350 CPA concrete sealing.

Step 5: Lay the frame directly on the sealing product.

Step 6: Adjust the frame to the same level as the wearing course. 
This adjustment should be carried out by exerting downward pressure on the frame to ensure that the sealing product spreads evenly under the surface. If the frame is situated below the surface level, then you must go back to point 4 and repeat operation 4.

Step 7: Check that the frame openings have been completely filled.

Step 8: Fill with the sealing product. 
At this stage you may opt to vibrate the concrete using vibrating needles, providing that you ensure that this will not alter the level of the frame.

Step 9: Use a float or trowel to level off the product, leaving 3 to 5 cm for the later laying of the asphalt course.

How to Maintain the Manhole Covers

Firstly, shockproof performance is the key factor to maintain manhole covers. In the process of touching between the manhole cover and the cover circles, an anti-vibration device can play a good buffering effect and reduce the vibration force to a large extent.

Secondly, the anti-noise device can be directly used in the manhole covers and cover circles to eliminate noise.

Thirdly, anti-theft is also an important factor to safeguard manhole covers. Designing a protruding square groove can fix the manhole covers firmly, which can play a role in preventing theft. 


1. How to measure the size of Manhole Covers correctly? 

Round manhole cover: you should measure the diameter of the holes firstly, and then choose a suitable round manhole cover to install.
Square manhole cover: you should measure the clear opening width of the holes firstly, and then select a suitable square manhole cover to install.

2. How to reinforce the safety factor of manhole covers in space?
You can install shockproof devices such as rubber rings to strengthen friction and abrasion resistance to reinforce the safety factor of manhole cover in space. In addition, you can increase the maintenance times to ensure reliable long service life.

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 Custom-tailored solutions.
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