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The best road drainage solution for different facilities

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This article introduces the different load-bearing grade standards of manhole covers, A15 manhole cover, B125 manhole cover, C250 manhole cover, D400 manhole cover, E600 manhole cover and F900 manhole cover and their application scenarios. The installation of the manhole cover should appropriately select the sewer manhole cover and manhole cover level according to different installation locations. Various installation locations can be divided into the following types of different regional levels. It is the designer's responsibility to select the appropriate manhole cover degree.

Jinmeng produces manhole covers in accordance with strict implementation standards. Based on European EN124:2015 (standards for sewer covers and manhole covers for vehicles and pedestrians), the national standard of the Republic of China (GB/T 23858-2009 inspection manhole cover), American standard AASHTO, Australian standard AS3996 and other standards, Produce higher-than-standard products. To develop high performance, multi-function and intelligence, export to more than 80 countries. Products have obtained UKSA certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and Italian CMQ system certification.

Manhole cover grade installation location division

A15 manhole cover

A15 manhole cover is suitable for pedestrians and cyclistsA15 manhole cover can load 1.5t, and A15 manhole cover is suitable for pedestrians and cyclists. A15 manhole cover provides customized patterns and a variety of color finishes, easy to install and environmentally friendly. A15 composite manhole cover is durable and lightweight, and the characteristics of composite materials can avoid glare caused by strong light.

Compared with cast iron and cement manhole covers, our composite manhole covers are lighter in weight. Easy construction and maintenance, while greatly reducing transportation costs. It is very suitable for the installation of a manhole cover in the home garden. For example, our 315mm Round Manhole Cover weighs only 12kg. It is very easy to install and replace the manhole cover by one person without else's help.

The Jinmeng composite manhole cover is based on high-strength SMC sheet molding material, which is molded at high temperature to form a high-density whole, shaped like an iron plate, and hard in texture.

Our manhole cover adopts an anti-theft lock system, anti-settlement, waterproof and noise reduction technology. This makes our composite manhole cover more technical and practical. To make up for the defect of the theft of cast iron manhole covers. It also avoids the defects of BMC reinforced steel, magnesite and other composite manhole covers that do not meet the test load, cannot be locked, and cannot be waterproof and noise-proof.

Compared with other manhole covers, composite manhole covers have obvious tensile strength, bending performance and flexible design performance advantages. SMC is currently the most ideal composite material.

B125 manhole cover

B125 manhole cover suitable for sidewalks, pedestrians and similar areasThe B125 manhole cover can load 12.5t. Suitable for sidewalks, pedestrians and similar areas, parking lots and other areas.

Unlike cast iron manhole covers that block electromagnetic waves, SMC manhole covers have good wave-transmitting performance, and the communication signals downhole can be directly transmitted to the ground base station through the SMC manhole covers. Our SMC manhole covers have smart manhole covers and are used in 5G radomes and other fields.

In order to improve the security of underground infrastructure assets, we provide lockable manhole cover. This provides a firm lock for the manhole cover, and it will not happen that the manhole cover is lost and the manhole cover is opened at will. It is very suitable for facilities such as electricity, telecommunication and communication.

C250 manhole cover

C250 manhole cover suitable for the car parks or car parking decksThe C250 manhole cover may have been subjected to a weight of 25t. Suitable for sewer manhole covers on the side of the road. The maximum distance from the location of these ditches to the carriageway is 0.5 meters, and the maximum distance to the sidewalk is 0.2 meters. It is suitable for residential quarters, streets and alleys, areas with only light vehicles and small vehicles.

In the oil and gas industries such as gas stations, we strongly recommend the use of composite manhole covers because they have good antistatic capabilities. Eliminates potential safety hazards due to static electricity in the area where the product is used and has good insulation.

For petrol stations, we have a special conductive and waterproof round composite manhole cover with a double-layer sealing ring and a design with an oil measuring hole. The metering staff of the oil station does not need to open the well cover when measuring the oil every day, only need to open the oil measuring hole. It greatly reduces the workload and labor intensity of the daily and frequent opening of the large manhole cover by the metering personnel of the oil station.

D400 manhole cover

D400 manhole cover suitable carriageways of roads

D400 manhole cover can bear a weight of 40t. It is suitable for driving lanes, hard shoulders and parking areas of roads. Various types of vehicles on the road. Such as urban arterial roads, highways, high-level highways, highways and other areas.

The heavier d400 cover and frame have an articulated design, and the articulated d400 cover and frame are designed to enhance the convenience and safety of workers who often enter the underground infrastructure. The hinged manhole cover can be opened 120 degrees and 180 degrees, and the 180-degree hinged manhole cover completely avoids the possibility of the manhole cover being closed by the operator when working in the well. The cover is supported by hinges. When installing or maintaining, the staff does not have to bear the labor of moving and opening the cover.

E600 manhole cover

E600 manhole cover is suitable for freight stationsE600 manhole cover may have been subjected to a weight of 60t, and may have been subjected to particularly heavy load areas, E600 manhole cover is suitable for freight stations, docks, etc.

"Ultraviolet absorber" is introduced into the design of our composite manhole cover, which effectively improves the UV resistance of the product. Improve the anti-aging performance, prolong the fading time and service life of the product.

F900 manhole cover

F900 manhole cover suitable for airstripsF900 manhole cover can bear a weight of 90t, which is the maximum load standard of the current reference standard ,Suitable for airstrips.

The composite manhole cover is molded from an exclusive patented material and is equipped with a glass fiber long fiber structure, which is sturdy and durable, with stronger compression resistance, and the maximum experimental load is 90 tons. 

FPR itself is a world-recognized good corrosion-resistant material. It is highly resistant to the atmosphere, water, and general concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, and various oils and solvents. It has been widely used in all aspects of chemical corrosion protection.

For other application scenarios, we have a series of supporting measures. Produce many different types of composite manhole covers and related products derived from them for different scenarios. For example, it is mainly suitable for composite cover plates in inspection wells, cable trenches, and drainage ditch areas of telecommunications departments and other units. The product size and load are diverse and can be customized design and production according to different requirements. It is widely used in high-voltage substations, plant drainage, and linear drainage of high-tech highways. It is suitable for the cover plate of the road drainage system. The 30% flow surface design of the surface of the manhole cover makes the drainage smoother and effectively removes the road surface water and poor drainage.

High-voltage substation, plant drainage, linear drainage of high-tech highway

In terms of water conservancy projects, we give customers diversified choices, and the composite water meter box adopts a single-page double-page flexible design. The page-turning integrated design can effectively avoid the loss during the movement of the manhole cover. And operation and maintenance are more convenient.

Jinmeng started in 1999. Jinmeng composite manhole covers make roads safer. All types of manhole covers of Jinmeng support the customization of shape, load-bearing and size. Meet all the requirements of customers. Based on this, you can learn how to choose the manhole and manhole cover that suits you. Of course, you can also contact us and we will provide you with the best solution.

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If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

 Factory-direct Connectivity Solutions.
 High quality, Competitive Price.
 Custom-tailored solutions.
 Problem-solving approach.