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Jinmeng Composite to Incorporate Traffic Load Technology in Water Treatment System

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What is water treatment

Municipal water systems usually adapt water treatment systems that include, flocculation, sedimentation, biodegradation, filtration, and disinfection. Water treatment is a process involving different types of operations (physical, chemical, physicochemical and biological), the aim of which is to reduce 95~99% of harmful matters of water and make it safe drinking water.

Commercial water treatment often uses reverse osmosis technology which can remove 98~99% of contaminant or non-desirable characteristics of water. Reverse a water treatment process that removes contaminants from water by using pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane that removes odors and nanometer-sized matters. RO water is purified water used in various industries of wafer fabrication, computer manufacturing, beverage and food making, and cosmetic and pharmaceutical production, and home use etc

Jinmeng Composite to Incorporate Traffic Load Technology in Water Treatment System

Where Water Pollution Comes From

Water pollution comes from numerous sources, the main polluting being overwhelmed municipal sewage and nonpermissible industrial discharge. Water pollution includes contaminants that enter the water resource from soils or underground water lines, rain, and storm events. Pollution comes from the sewage system when the pipeline is blocked or damaged, overflow from a combined system of sewer line and storm drain line in rain event also can cause pollution.

Sewage Pollution

There are 2 billion people in the world who don’t have the access to safe drinking water.  It is vital to protect clean water resources and prevent water pollution. Urban sanitation workers or community service volunteers may have encountered this phenomenon. The combined sewer overflow of sewage and rainwater discharges organic matter to outdoor waters on rain days. Grease and fat, kitchen and toilet waste are decaying in water at the sewer outfall. It generates gases like methane and hydrogen sulfide. The impacts are so severe because of the amount of sewage that comes out and the very stagnant conditions.

Sewer mains deliver organic matter such as pees, poos, and food wastes those organics require a biological treatment that bacteria will digest into water and carbon dioxide and reduce the overwhelming burden of the water treatment plants.  Tissues and non-degradable papers as well as cotton pieces can block sewer manholes, and deliver more processing burden to water treatment processing.

Industrial Discharge

Major industries often have large waste retention tanks and a tremendous of daily wastewater discharges are delivered to a sewer. If sewerage "catchment" has several such industries and if multiple discharges occur simultaneously, sewerage system overflows may occur. To optimally manage these discharges trade waste agreements between the industry and the sewerage authority should include specific details on discharge frequency considering.

Sewage from industrial areas often has higher levels of pollutants than that from domestic sources. Therefore, overflows from these areas have the potential for a higher environmental impact. Solids, grease, and corrosive substances have the potential to cause overflows or cause deterioration in sewers. Insdurtal waste inspection and management are necessary to ensure that discharges to the system do not have excessive levels of pollutants. The related sewage authorial department should have the legal power of penalty for illegal manufacturers.

What is Municipal Sewerage System

Sewerage Systems are fluid conveyance systems that collect wastewater from residential and commercial areas, they are consists of pipes, really large underground pipings, manholes,  pump stations, and water treatment plants. The manholes are constructed on sewer lines, sewer manhole covers are constructed at the top of manhole in roads.

What We Can Do

For example: highlight what to avoid putting in a sewer (grease, oil, sanitary pads, disposable nappies, cotton buds); encourage low phosphorous detergents; advertise the location of collection facilities for liquid waste for the community; and identify the species of trees suitable for planting above sewer pipes, etc (to minimize root infestation).

Another aspect of community education is encouraging the inspection and maintenance of property sewers/drains. The length of these sewers is often approximately equal to those owned by the sewerage system manager. A community education campaign could also encourage checking pipeline locations with the sewerage system manager before construction work.

How to detect sewer discharge

Industrial wastewater contains more pollutants matters that are chemical aggressive, grease sticky, health poisonous, and environmentally toxic. That pollutant substance can damage concrete sewer pipings and cause overflow or flooding. Most automatical manufacturing plants often apply electromagnetic flowmeters, differential pressure transmitters, and in-ground thermometers, those measuring items can collect the pressure and temperature changes of fluid, and control the wastewater pollutant level. illegal discharges are quite easy to figure out the location by white smoke test and liquid sampling inspections, and other measurement procedures.

Maintenance The Sewer line

Tree Root

When tree roots have made their way into the sewer line, it is difficult to control how fast they grow and the damage they do. The problem starts when roots find a crack or hole in the pipeline; It's an idea to replace old concrete pipes with HDPE pipes, and Remove trees planted anywhere near the sewer line. Often sewer pipes are built under the road.

Blockages are caused by grease, food waste, mud, leaves, and debris, objects.

sewer pipings collect those matters from the kitchen, toilet, and trench drain grates. To call a sewer company is a good idea, but they can charge you 2000 $ for a half-hour jet cleaning. Hence we can place an extra filter basket in the basin to collect food waste, and clean the kitchen drains periodically. We alco can use water-soluble toilet paper, limit cotton pads to flush and disappear from the toilet, prevent kid to throw toys into the toilet.etc

Jinmeng Composite, the leading manufacturer of road traffic rated manhole cover and trench drain grate, We offer composite covers from round to rectangle, covers with loading capacity of 25 ton,40 ton, 60 ton that optimal for driveway sewer manhole install.

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If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

 Factory-direct Connectivity Solutions.
 High quality, Competitive Price.
 Custom-tailored solutions.
 Problem-solving approach.