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Why need to replace and refurbishment the manhole cover?

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Manholes are important

Manholes are the product of urban systems, and our life orderly operation is inseparable from manholes. At railway or road crossings, manholes must be set at both ends of the pipeline; manholes must be set at the branch, turn and introduction of the pipeline; manholes must be set at the locations with sensing boxes; and the storage of oil tanks cannot be separated from manhole.

Where are the manholes generally installed?

The road slope turning point, the crosswalk between the garden in the center of the street, the street turning point, the sidewalk, the recessed place of the house baseline, and the approaching pole or the introduction point of the communication line. Manholes should not be located at the entrances of important buildings (such as garages, fire brigades, etc.), traffic arteries, near weak buildings, close to fire hydrants or wells, places where equipment is placed, and where other underground pipelines pass local.

manhole cover

Inspection Manhole

For maintenance personnel, manholes are the entrances and exits for the inspection and cleaning of pipes and drains. It is also a facility for ventilation and jointing in the pipes. It is also the place where the direction, slope and diameter of the pipes are changed. Required for confluence and connection of water pipes and canals. If the distance is too long on a straight line, a manhole is also set at a certain distance. The cover frame and iron cover are set, and reinforced concrete is poured around them. Generally, precasting or on-site pouring can be used, depending on economy and convenience of construction.

Why is manhole inspection so important?

The safety of the manhole is very important for the facilities and maintenance personnel in the manhole, which also depends largely on the manhole cover. This cannot be ignored. The maintenance manhole is the place where maintenance personnel need to work. The manhole is always used for lighting and ventilation during maintenance and cleaning of the oil tank. The necessary condition for the manhole is to facilitate the staff to enter and exit the oil tank or ventilate during installation, cleaning and maintenance. The installation of the manhole should have even pressure on the manhole. Especially for those that need to be sealed, the sealing ring should be protected and the hole cover should not be deformed. This should be paid attention to during installation and later use. Regular maintenance and replacement are necessary.

Broken manhole cover

For pedestrians, manholes are actually a dangerous existence. The manhole cover is lost, not properly covered, and severely damaged, posing a fatal risk to pedestrians, especially at night. Regular maintenance and replacement are necessary. Ensuring the structural integrity of manholes can increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve public services. Regular inspections and maintenance inspections can ensure that when needed, manholes can continue to provide convenient access for assets, and the holes and their surrounding environment will not cause rainwater or sewage treatment network inefficiency, thereby increasing costs and energy consumption.

Avoid falling into the manhole

Sense of responsibility as a manager

Whether you are a developer or a property manager, we must consider the safety of personnel, and achieve the best results while reducing economic costs. The use of composite manhole covers is currently the best solution.

The damaged manhole cover needs to be replaced

The quality of cast iron manhole covers is difficult to guarantee. During the smelting process, many manufacturers cannot really control the content of sulfur and phosphorus, which will make manhole covers very fragile. Once cracks appear, they should be replaced immediately.

The most economically valuable manhole cover

The manhole cover used is still cast iron and needs to be replaced

Cast iron manhole covers are at risk of being stolen, posing a threat to the lives of pedestrians. The cost of replacing the manhole cover after being stolen is greatly increased. It is necessary to replace cast iron manhole covers with composite manhole covers, which solves this problem from the source and reduces economic costs.

Steel and metal costs are high, labor costs are high, and the risk of loss is high. Especially in remote places that are not conducive to management, the need for a large amount of management investment to prevent theft of funds is not a natural way to solve the problem.


The composite manhole cover is not only easy to handle and install in quality, but also has the advantages of anti-rust and anti-corrosion insulation. There is no risk of electric shock. And most directly, it has no recovery value and there is no risk of being stolen. The moment the thief lifted the manhole cover, he would soon realize that this manhole cover is not an ordinary cast iron manhole cover because it is much lighter. This manhole cover is not worth the risk of stealing it.

Composite manhole covers will eventually replace cast iron manhole covers

The composite manhole cover is an ideal substitute for the cast iron manhole cover. In addition to the above advantages, the composite manhole cover will not bounce off the manhole when the vehicle is driving. Especially in places where quietness is required, such as apartments, there will be no noise like metal manhole covers.

In terms of inspection and maintenance costs, composite manhole covers are better than other manhole covers.

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If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

 Factory-direct Connectivity Solutions.
 High quality, Competitive Price.
 Custom-tailored solutions.
 Problem-solving approach.