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Quality Products That Contribute to A Stable And Safe Public Space

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Recently,  Anhui province has creatively incorporated manhole cover information into the city's physical inspection indicators, advocating special manhole cover governance action to comprehensively investigate and eliminate the safety hazards of manhole covers; gradually replacing manhole covers that are beyond their designed service life and made of outdated materials, thereby strengthening manhole cover management and promoting urban development. 

What Is City Health Check?

The city health check is a series of processes to identify the shortcomings of urban development, sort out urban diseases and their causes, guide cities to change their development methods and promote high-quality urban development through the analysis of urban indicators and information, with problems as the guide.

The government mentions "replacing manhole covers that have exceeded their designed service life and are made of outdated materials". This means that the government attaches importance to the service life of the product and understands that all products have a service life and manhole covers that have exceeded their service life should not be allowed to "grow freely". Consider updating, just like the composite moulded manhole cover after several generations, if the first generation of steel-based BMC material is still used, it is obviously behind the times.

The huge challenge of the manufactures which manhole covers are outdated and of poor quality with a low safety factor, and may even face the manhole cover products by the procurement unit elimination of embarrassing situation, so the government should strengthen the manhole cover information management; in the government management process, the winner is eliminated, will inevitably eliminate part of the manhole cover quality under the quality of enterprises, and for the manhole cover material in line with the direction of urban development, quality assurance, a high safety factor of enterprises But for the manhole cover material in line with the direction of urban development, quality assurance, a safety factor of the enterprise can therefore obtain a broader development platform.



Hangzhou Jinmeng road facilities always adhere to strict requirements for themselves and meet the market demand with high-quality products. Many aspects of JLF products such as materials and design are in line with government management requirements and meet the future development needs of the city.

Jinmeng uses composite material with good performance:

● Has the compressive strength of the iron, with only 1/4 the density of iron, and is corrosion-resistant.

● Possessing the flexible moulding ability of plastic, with much higher strength than plastic.

● Resistant to ageing, with a service life more than five times that of plastic parts.

Low density, high strength, anti-static, flame retardant, high-pressure resistant, UV resistant, electromagnetic wave permeable, etc. can be achieved according to demand.

The use of such composite materials for the production of SMC composite manhole covers provides a comprehensive guarantee of quality.

● Jinmeng focuses on product design and advocates the use of scientific design to enhance product performance

● Anti-theft lock design, where the product requires a matching key to open.

● Anti-fall inner cover design, avoiding the risk of people or objects falling into the well.

● Anti-slip design, which uses a deepened pattern design on the surface of the manhole cover to achieve anti-slip purposes.

● 120-degree opening design to avoid loss of manhole cover during replacement and maintenance operations.

The diverse design helps to improve the overall performance of Golden Alliance manhole covers, effectively eliminating urban "wells".

Jinmeng always takes market changes as the guide, insists on product optimization and upgrading, completes the renewal of manhole cover products through continuous research and development, makes the manhole cover bearing capacity strengthen continuously, the manhole cover function is more comprehensive; and timely eliminates the first generation of products with steel skeleton as the main support, easy to break, low bearing capacity, service life is not long, guarantees the quality of Jinmeng products, makes its own products firmly occupy the mainstream of the market.


The first generation of products have been eliminated by Jinmeng, but some manufacturers in the market are still touting the strength and pressure-bearing capacity of their products.

covers (2)

Jinmeng's third-generation SMC composite manhole cover focuses on the needs of the niche market, creating a multi-functional manhole cover (flip cover, anti-vibration tight lock and other functions) to greatly enhance the strength of the manhole cover, up to 90 tons of load-bearing.

covers (1)

Jinmeng's fourth-generation SMC composite manhole covers are made of higher strength and lighter SMC, and the product structure has diversified from flat to a good grid. 

As a leading composite material enterprise, given the current situation of the metal casting and plastic industry, which is high energy consumption, high emission and difficult to degrade and seriously pollute the environment. Jinmeng composite material actively researches and develops new high-tech environmental protection materials, and gives high-quality alternative solutions to "replace steel and plastic" in many fields, which gives good play to the advantages of high strength, light specific gravity, corrosion resistance, high flame retardant and high customization of composite materials. It has the advantages of high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance, high flame retardant and high customization, which makes the products more low carbon, environmental protection, portable and efficient. Jinmeng composite materials for different industry needs, different characteristics, a full range of customized products and solutions for the industry's precise needs, to solve the industry's safety hazards and industry pain points. Jinmeng compound material has provided exclusive solutions for many industries such as municipal, electric power, communication and gas, with remarkable results.


The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Depending on the drainage environment, products such as drainage manhole covers and grates are used. The original products were prone to breakage and were not very stable so we wanted to replace them to further improve the drainage capacity and stability of the products.

What are the specific needs of The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine?

Smooth drainage 

The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine is located in the southern zone where there is a lot of rainfall. The average annual precipitation in the city is between 1100~1600 mm and there are 130~160 rainy days per year. It is hoped that with the help of drainage products, timely and correct drainage can be achieved to reduce waterlogging.

Products are safe and stable to use 

The drainage products used must be strong and safe to use and will remain stable over time.

In combination with the above requirements, The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine needs to further optimise its drainage capacity with drainage products and recreate its own drainage system.

How to Make Jinmeng Manhole Cover? 

Because the rainwater and sewage inspection wells and grates are located in key locations for the flow of people in and out of the hospital, the huge flow of people and vehicles requires higher pressure-bearing capacity and greater stability of the manhole covers and grates, so Golden Alliance used high-strength composite materials to create the relevant products and designed them with the right pressure-bearing level, the right size and depth of coverage.

At the same time, the proportion of the flow surface of the grates was also adjusted to accommodate the high frequency of heavy precipitation in the area, to achieve the important role of retaining debris and smooth drainage.

The solution was approved by the client shortly after submission and all products were manufactured and delivered within the project deadline. To date, the products have been in use at ZEH for over 10 years and have remained as stable and safe as ever over 10 years, undertaking the heavy responsibility of draining the hospital and ensuring the safety of the hospital's public spaces.

covers (5)

covers (3)

Of course, the stability of manhole covers, grates and other products does not only depend on the design and quality of the product itself but also has a considerable correlation with the initial installation method, which is important for the use of the product.

What are the considerations for the installation of manhole covers?

The need to select a suitable load-bearing for the area where the manhole cover is to be installed.

Follow the installation process instructed by the manufacturer to ensure that the manhole cover is fully assembled before it is put into use, do not omit some of the installation steps, otherwise, it may affect the normal use of the cover; (e.g. for products with hinges please do not remove the hinges privately, otherwise it will harm the use of the product)

Products with hinges need to choose the correct installation direction, the direction of the hinge to the opening in the direction of normal traffic flow.

Building a more stable and safe public space is the general direction of social development, and Jinmeng, as a national high-tech enterprise, is also responsible for making the roads safer, and Golden Alliance will continue to do its best in this direction.

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If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

 Factory-direct Connectivity Solutions.
 High quality, Competitive Price.
 Custom-tailored solutions.
 Problem-solving approach.