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How to install and replace the water meter box?

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What is a water meter box?

A water meter box is a plastic box specially used for underground water pipes, gas and other line valves to facilitate the inspection, opening, closing, replacement and other settings of these valves. It can be used for regular inspection, cleaning and dredging of pipelines to prevent pipeline blockage. It is also often used for cables and so on. These boxes are called valve wells. Sometimes people also subdivide them, the box for the water meter is called water meter cover. Box for electricity is called underground electrical splice box. Box for irrigation valve is called irrigation valve box.

It is a very common kind of civil infrastructure, and every household has it. There are holes on the side of the water meter box through which the line water pipe can pass the water meter box. The water valve is installed in the water meter box, and the top of the water meter box can be opened for future maintenance work.

Water meter box type

Round water meter boxes

  • standard regular water meter box

  • round valve box overlapping cover

Round water meter Box

Rectangular Valve Box

  • Standard regular water meter box

  • Clamshell water meter box

Rectangular Valve Box

Concrete water meter box vs plastic water meter box

Requirements of the water meter box 

No water seepage and its tightness must be ensured, corrosion resistance.

During the use of the water supply pipeline, the pipeline will be subject to pressure from different sources, which will produce varying degrees of jitter or settlement. That is, the connection between the water supply pipeline and the valve well is required to be reliable and able to adapt to a certain degree of jitter and settlement. Will allow water to seep into the well. Compared with a plastic water meter box, a concrete water meter box is not flexible and easy to crack. If the concrete water meter box contains metal, it is relatively strong but not resistant to moisture and is prone to rust. Without the composite water meter box, it has a long service life.

Water meter box lid

The concrete water meter box is made of concrete, generally square or rectangular. In order to increase its firmness, metal bars such as steel bars are usually added for reinforcement. The cover is generally a concrete cover plate or a metal cover plate. Plastic water meter boxes are generally made of composite materials, which are light in weight, resistant to corrosion and impact. It is made of compression moulding, so it has various shapes, round, square and rectangular to choose from. In addition to ordinary covers, the cover styles also include overlapping cover, flip cover and so on. Can be customized according to needs.

water meter box key

The seal between the lid of the water meter box and the box should be good, otherwise, it will seep into the water meter box when heavy rain or water accumulates. At this point, a plastic water meter box is far superior to a concrete water meter box. Especially for the metal cover plate, there may be a risk of being stolen, and the recyclable value of the plastic water meter box is low, which can effectively prevent theft. The plastic water meter box is also equipped with a lock, which can be locked to prevent people from opening the water meter box cover at will. The tamper-proof twist-lock prevents vandalism and theft. Opening the water meter box is simple and convenient, and the water meter box lid can be opened quickly, which shortens the maintenance and repair time.

The valve well is buried in the ground, it has to withstand different pressures from all directions, and the corrosion and damage of different chemical substances, and it is required to have good pressure bearing capacity and acid and alkali corrosion resistance. The plastic water meter box has high corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

The color of the plastic water meter box is colorful, beautiful, and can be integrated with the surrounding environment.


water meter box insulation

Concrete water meter box construction is more cumbersome than a plastic water meter box. The plastic water meter box is light in weight, simpler in integrated design and installation, and has a long service life. Generally, the outdoor service life can reach 30 years.

How to install the water meter box?

Generally, the water meter box installed around the house, in gardens, lawns, and other places. Will not appear on the road. Therefore, the load-bearing class of the water meter box is in BS EN124 A15 Class, so pay attention to the installation location.

Choice of the water meter box

Choose the appropriate type according to the installation requirements. All our products are customized according to your needs.

The cover of the water meter box should have a non-slip texture on the surface, good airtightness, and protect the inside from water, soil, and other impurities. The grass can choose a green water meter box lid to avoid obtrusiveness, and it is more beautiful to blend with the grass. The water meter box wall is firm and stable. The water meter box size should be enough to open and close the valve later, and even perform operations such as replacement.

Water meter box installation 

First, dig a slightly larger hole in the ground according to the size of the water meter box. 

Tip:how is water getting into my bottom-fed meter box?

If there is heavy rain or ground surface water, when the cover of the water meter box seeps, it will cause water to accumulate inside the water meter box. Even if the cover is impermeable, when the soil moisture is too high, it will enter through the connecting hole of the water meter box through the pipe, and the groundwater will naturally rise and cause water to accumulate inside.

So after digging, put some gravel on the bottom. It is better to have enough gravel to help improve drainage and then tamped to avoid future water meter box sinks. Then put the water meter box in it and check the height, you can use a straight wooden stick to level it. Keep the depth level with the ground level after placing the water meter box, and must not be higher than the ground level, as it is easy to trip over people. If you need to avoid the entry of small animals such as gophers, you can lay a gopher wire at the bottom, which not only does not affect the drainage but also plays a very good role.

Next, install the Irrigation valve or water meter of the water pipe inside. Then place the water meter box and pass the pipe through the reserved hole of the water meter box. If you choose a water meter box without pre-holes, you need to place the water meter box in the hole to compare the position of the lower pipe, and then cut the required shape and size at the corresponding position. Generally, the water meter box has obvious positions for cutting holes on each side. The material of this piece is soft and it is easier to cut. The cut hole should not be too large, as long as it fits the size of the pipe. Prevent soil and other impurities from entering the water meter box.

After the water meter box is positioned, cover the water meter box lid, backfill the surrounding soil, and tamped it.

How to replace a water meter box?

The first is not to dig the soil around your water meter box, but to open your box cover, confirm your pipeline layout, and then confirm where to excavate to avoid damage to underground pipelines and lines. Dig a large enough one, take out the old meter box and replace it with a new water meter box. The installation steps are still the same as described above.

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If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

 Factory-direct Connectivity Solutions.
 High quality, Competitive Price.
 Custom-tailored solutions.
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