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How to Profit from Imported Manhole Covers from China?

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1.You should consider market demand as well as cost, selling points, competitors, etc. 

Yous should know what type of manhole covers is most popular in the local market and investigate the sellers with their products to make targeted competitive proposals. 

You should know the types and quantities of imported products, where these manhole covers are more often used, and your targeted clients.

If for high traffic areas: heavy-duty manhole covers, high delivery costs. For pavements, gardens, etc.: light manhole covers.

There are also differences between manhole covers made of different materials. Different shapes, weights and designs. Well, covers that focus on access also differ in detail from those that focus on drainage. Access covers are more aesthetically oriented, existing in places where people are commonly seen but not noticed, often embedded in the ground and very flat to blend in with the surroundings. For special environments such as petrol stations are they anti-static, waterproof etc? All these product advantages will make your product more competitive.

Whether imported manhole cover from China meet quality standards, size requirements and can be custom manufactured.

2.The Choices of Manhole Cover Types

What Is The Best Manhole Cover Materials?

The common types of manhole cover materials are cast iron manhole cover, nodular cast copper and composite manhole covers.

Nodular cast iron is superior to rust because it does not corrode as quickly or as brittle as cast iron. The nodular cast is suitable for areas with heavy traffic and high speeds. They are not suitable for areas with little pedestrian or foot traffic. 

The composite manhole cover complies with the internationally accepted EN124 standard. It has a high degree of polymerisation, high density, good impact resistance and tensile strength, and has the advantages of being wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, rust-free, pollution-free and maintenance-free. Its strength is second only to that of stone plastic manhole cover. It can carry vehicles of over 40 tonnes.

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Are There Restrictions on The Importation of Manhole Cover from China

There are restrictions on the import of nodular cast iron manhole covers, including manhole covers and grates for street drainage. Because cast iron manhole covers from China are classified as an anti-dumping product by the EU, purchases of cast iron manhole covers from China are subject to anti-dumping duties. The anti-dumping measures on products such as cast iron manhole covers from China have been in place since 2018 for a period of five years, with anti-dumping duties ranging from 15.5% to 38.1%. Therefore there may not be a price advantage in importing cast iron manhole covers from China. However, you can also use intermediary trade (Re-Export Trade) to solve the problem of anti-dumping, but it will also increase the price and time costs.

But there is no restriction on the import of composite manhole cover from China, and our products are compounded to several standards including EU certification. As a new material, the manufacturing process of a composite manhole cover is also more environment-friendly than cast iron manhole covers.

3.How to Find the Reliable China Manhole Cover Manufacturer

3.1 Manufacturers or Traders?

Advantages of the factory: the direct supplier, so they can save a large number of expenses, the factory can give the lowest price to the customer, encounter problems, the factory as the production side, the ability to deal with problems and feedback problems are stronger than the trading company.

Advantages for traders: a wider range of products. Quicker delivery times and smaller starting quantities. Buyers prefer their partners to be a company with good service, and communication will be much smoother.

Industry and trade in one: both of these advantages, the ability to focus on the production and development of products and to provide high-quality sales services.

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3.2 How to Find the Reliable Manufacturers


Business Directory: some business directories and business Yellowpages

Google: do a direct Google search, you may need to add the words China, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor after the product word you need and then do a filter of the first few pages of Google results.

B2B platforms: Alibaba, AliExpress, global sources

Referrals: If you have reliable referrals this is a very good way to go, the sources of information are reliable and you can ask them for advice and success stories. You can also draw on their contacts in the development of your business.

3.3.2 Proof Ways

The website has been in business for a long time, the website has been in business for a long time and the top ranking is more reputable.

Look for any information about them in authoritative website directories.

Check the product's certificate of conformity and enterprise certification business license. Official Chinese certification check website: Official Chinese corporate credit check website:

Check the VAT invoice. Tell the supplier that you have a partner in China who can help you apply for export drawbacks. If the supplier refuses or hesitates to reply to you, they If the supplier refuses or hesitates to reply to you, they are probably a trading company or a very small-scale factory. Ask them for a picture of a previously issued VAT invoice with factory information on it, which can be checked carefully.

Don't just communicate by email, call or video conference if you can, if they can't answer your questions or feel weak many will get irritable or just hang up.

Factory visits, if available, are the most direct and efficient way to go on site.

4.How to Verify the Quality of Manhole Cover?/ How Wholesalers Test the Quality of Manhole Covers

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1. Manufacturers are required to carry out well cover bearing tests according to national standards.

2. Manhole covers with special properties require manufacturers to carry out special performance tests.

3. Third-party international certification testing can also be requested to carry out testing and issue a test report.

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If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

 Factory-direct Connectivity Solutions.
 High quality, Competitive Price.
 Custom-tailored solutions.
 Problem-solving approach.