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How manhole covers can reduce weight and ensure safety?

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Theft of manhole covers is a long-term issue for the safety of manhole covers. The theft of manhole covers causes the government to lose millions of dollars every year. After the manhole cover is lost, people often fall into the manhole or cut from the manhole artificially. Cyclists often stuff wheels into holes and cause the cyclist to accidentally fall. Drivers are no exception, it can easily cause the vehicle to fall into the hole, damage the vehicle, and hurt people due to sudden parking. Sometimes the driving direction changes due to passing through holes, which can lead to accidents.

Car accident on the road

The cast iron manhole cover and frame are made separately by molds, which are easy to deform during use. The composite manhole cover is made of inorganic materials. After forming, it not only has high strength, beautiful appearance, and greatly reduced weight, it is very convenient for professional and technical personnel to operate and install. It is convenient for transportation, installation, and emergency repair, which greatly reduces labor intensity.

Because the performance and quality of manhole covers have an important impact on public safety and based on common considerations of corrosion prevention, safe operation, weight reduction, and environmental performance, the global manhole cover market has gradually replaced it with composite materials.

Manhole cover anti-theft solution

The composite manhole cover completely solves this problem. The composite material has no recycling value, and without the recycling market, there is no stolen value.

The potential danger of manhole cover

The composite manhole cover not only greatly reduces the risk of theft, but also plays a great role in protecting the equipment in the well.

If a manhole can be opened and entered at will, it is a terrible thing. There are many risks to this. For example, if cable equipment is used in the well, the copper cable may be stolen. If terrorists hide in the manhole, it will be an excellent place to launch a terrorist attack. Moreover, damage to underground equipment and poisoning incidents cannot be avoided.

Friendly composite manhole cover

Jinmeng's manhole covers can be equipped with manhole inner covers and anti-falling nets to prevent people or small animals from accidentally falling into the well when the manhole cover is opened.

Anti-fall net

In extremely cold weather in winter, your skin should not directly touch the cast iron manhole cover. Once there was a dog who licked a cast iron manhole cover with its tongue, and its tongue was firmly glued to the manhole cover. It was not resolved until someone poured warm water for a while. Because metal conducts heat quickly, the tongue loses heat quickly and freezes, and the body transfers heat far less quickly than metal steals. Therefore cast iron manhole covers are very unfriendly in winter. Just like the iron railing in winter, don't lick it!

The composite manhole cover does not have this problem at all. Its nature is different from metal but more similar to plastic. Even in extremely cold weather, when you try to open the manhole cover, you will not feel extremely cold when you touch the manhole cover.

The electric insulation of the composite manhole cover is very good, and there is no need to worry about the danger of touching the manhole cover caused by leakage, which greatly improves the safety factor for the construction operators in the well.

Explosion-proof vent and tightness of manhole cover

News of manhole explosions is also endless. At present, most manhole covers do not consider the problem of pressure relief. Once the internal pipeline of the manhole leaks or the biogas explosion occurs, the consequences will be very serious. The impact of the explosion and the manhole cover flying out threaten the safety of people.

Sewer explosion

Therefore, regular inspections of gas pipelines in manholes are necessary. The composite manhole cover is not only small in weight and convenient to operate, but also facilitates the operation of inspectors and reduces the difficulty. Only by improving the work efficiency of the inspectors can we be able to prevent the slightest failure, which is very important.

Therefore, the perforated manhole cover of Jinmeng's manhole cover can not only exhaust air but also can use the manhole man up key to lifting the manhole from multiple angles. The hinged lock design is not only anti-theft but also connects the manhole cover firmly to the base to prevent it from flying out due to external impact.

We have a unique manhole lock system and unique design, which can be customized according to user needs. Therefore, ordinary people cannot open the required manhole cover.

Special Locking Device(L lock)

Waterproof manhole cover

It is also very important for manhole covers that require tightness. Every year, due to insufficient airtightness of manhole covers, normal water is polluted by chemicals or wastewater that penetrates through the gaps between manhole covers or derrick junctions.

The cast iron manhole cover is made of a separate mold, which is not only easy to deform but also easy to have gaps between the manhole cover and the base, which will cause rainwater to penetrate.

cast iron manhole cover

Anticorrosive manhole cover

The infiltration of rainwater, the special gas released by the pipeline, and various bacteria will cause serious corrosion of the cast iron manhole cover. Reduce the mechanical strength of the manhole cover, shorten the service life, and sometimes rust will cause the manhole cover to be connected to the base, and the manhole cover cannot be opened without hammering hard.

The composite manhole cover solves these problems. The waterproofness of the composite manhole cover is 100%, and it will not be corroded by special gases and rain. Under humid and corrosive conditions, composite manhole covers are the only alternative and the most cost-effective manhole cover.

How to solve the shielding problem of the metal manhole cover to the communication signals?

The composite manhole cover does not shield the signal. Traditional cast iron manholes may block or interfere with the transmission of communication signals. When using cast iron covers, it is sometimes necessary to use different antennas, antenna extensions, special covers, adapters, or cover holes. For the manhole cover, the rotating hole greatly destroys the waterproofness of the manhole cover.

The radio frequency signal of the composite manhole cover telemetry system passes through with almost no interference. This makes composite manhole covers an ideal choice for monitoring systems, AMR systems, sewer flow meters, telemetry, SCADA, sewer and manhole level transmitters, water quality monitoring, water samplers, wastewater samplers, and other equipment. When special equipment is installed in the well, it is necessary to install wireless equipment that protects sensitive instruments from chemicals and impacts. And there are more conveniences in life. For example, in the concept of electric vehicles in the future, wireless charging equipment can be installed under the composite manhole cover in the underground parking lot, and electric coils can be installed inside the composite manhole cover to charge the cars parked on it.

electric vehicles in the future

Environmental protection of composite manhole cover

The production of cast iron manhole covers requires a higher temperature to produce exhaust gas and more waste slag. However, the manufacture of composite manhole covers produces almost no flue gas waste residue. In order to avoid the corrosion and rust of cast iron manhole covers, chemical coatings are also adopted in some areas. However, the coating is easily worn out, and some chemical coatings are carcinogenic to the human body. Rainwater flowing into rivers will pollute the environment and affect the health of animals and plants. The advancement of science and technology has enabled us to solve the problem of anti-corrosion, anti-theft, small weight, and high load-bearing manhole covers. The most perfect and economical choice is the composite manhole cover.

Jinmeng is the leader of design, manufacture and distribution of access solutions for water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and utility networks.

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If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

 Factory-direct Connectivity Solutions.
 High quality, Competitive Price.
 Custom-tailored solutions.
 Problem-solving approach.