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Heavy-duty manhole cover installation specification standard

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Composite materials have high stability. Where is the specific performance? For example, the effect of his thermal expansion and contraction can be avoided very well. The second aspect is that its impact resistance will also be very strong. Where there may be gaps in the composite material, it can be made into various shapes and various styles. Manhole covers made of composite materials are more environmentally friendly. Composite manhole covers have high compressive, flexural, impact-resistant strength and toughness. After long-term use, the manhole cover will not be crushed or damaged, and the occurrence of "urban black hole" accidents can be completely eliminated.

Heavy-duty manhole cover road installation specification standard

Construction preparation

Set up safety warning signs on roads. Enclosed before construction, place safety warning signs to divert traffic. Investigate the inspection well type shortcut disease situation. Make original records. Check the inner wall of the shaft beforehand and drive the four steel bars.

Place templates and sacks. Prevent inspection from falling into the country. Determine the cutting position and range. Scribe and remove cast iron parts.

Construction method

Take the center of the inspection as well as the benchmark. According to the size of the milling machine housing. 1.6 meters in diameter, lined and milled. The depth is the thickness of the asphalt pavement. Or use a pavement cutter to cut the pavement, taking the center of the inspection as well as the benchmark. Follow the direction of the centerline of the road to square the line not less than 150 cm by 150 cm. Cut the seams with a cutting machine.

The cutting depth is ten centimeters and the cutting width is five millimeters. Open the manhole cover after milling is completed. Set into the open rack. Lift the inspection well as a whole. Check the template and sacks again or install a net bag. Prevent construction slag from falling into the well.

Milling machine removes old asphalt from the road

Use a pneumatic pick crusher to remove the foundation. Clean the surface of the foundation and use a ruler and tape measure to detect the depth of removal. Sprinkle emulsified asphalt or hot oil evenly on the surface of the foundation at an amount of 0.8 kg per square meter. Then pave the fine-grained asphalt concrete for leveling or use 1:2 cement mortar for leveling, the thickness does not exceed 2cm. Install reinforced concrete adjusting ring. Used to fix the plane position of the inspection manhole cover. Adjust the installation height of the inspection well cover. The height of the upper surface of the adjusting ring from the road surface should be controlled between 10 and 18 cm.

The outer ring of the cast iron limit wellbore should be coated with diesel oil in advance to prevent it from sticking to the asphalt when the cast iron limit wellbore is removed. Then put the cast iron limit shaft into the reinforced concrete adjusting ring in a socket way. The direction of the hinge is opposite to the direction of the oncoming traffic. Depending on the thickness of the asphalt surface layer, the height of the road surface is slightly higher than 1 to 20cm. Before paving asphalt concrete, a small amount of diesel oil should be painted on the limit manhole cover. Then pave the asphalt concrete in layers. Stratified and compacted to the height of the limited wellbore. The thickness of each layer is not more than five centimeters. Asphalt concrete base material should be asphalt mixture with a maximum particle size of 20 mm, and the fabric should be determined according to the original pavement material.

Asphalt pavement manhole cover installation

After the roller is rolled, the cast iron limit wellbore is vertically pulled out and carefully taken out to avoid damaging the surrounding asphalt filling layer. Note that 1 to 3 cm of asphalt concrete is added within 15 cm of the position under the flange. Put the adjustable anti-settling manhole cover into the cast iron as the wellbore position. Then add a small amount of asphalt concrete evenly around the manhole cover. Finally, it is rolled with a vibratory roller.

Allow the asphalt concrete to cool to room temperature so that traffic can be opened.

Although the road manhole cover is a municipal engineering subsidiary structure, it has an important impact on road engineering and drainage engineering. It directly affects the safety of people's lives and property and more often brings threats to driving vehicles. With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, there will be more and more new technologies and new materials, and the construction technology of inspection wells will be continuously improved and the performance will continue to improve.

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If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

 Factory-direct Connectivity Solutions.
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 Custom-tailored solutions.
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