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Jinmeng Composite Manhole Cover - From Made in China to Intelligent Manufacturing in China

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-11      Origin: Site

Made in China is famous all over the world, but it has been branded as cheap and low-quality. With the upgrade of global consumption and quality, some Chinese manufacturers who are highly sensitive to the market quickly perceive this change, and gradually shift from made in China to intelligent Manufacturing in China.

made in china

In the mobile phone industry, mobile phone manufacturers headed by Huawei have risen strongly because of their focus on quality, and the limelight has been approaching international manufacturing giants such as Samsung and Apple. In the manhole cover industry, Jinmeng, as a benchmark enterprise in the manhole cover industry, has also attracted attention from the industry and the market because of its excellent product quality.

Jinmeng keeps up with the trend of the times and deeply understands the importance of quality manufacturing. In the process of continuous in-depth development of the company, Jinmeng constantly adjusts its corporate strategy and gradually shifts the focus of production from made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China! For 20 years, Jinmeng has been strictly controlling product quality. After entering the stage of intelligent manufacturing in China, we are sticking to quality with stricter requirements!

What is intelligent manufacturing in China? Jinmeng’s 20-year development history can be fully reflected! Specifically, it is quality plus innovation. Continuously polish the quality with a craftsman-like spirit, and promote innovation with continuous technological research and development. With the dual blessing of quality and innovation, the product quality is continuously improved.

The manhole cover does not seem complicated, but the transition from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, Jinmeng has made a lot of efforts in all aspects and links, which has greatly improved the quality of its products.

Pay attention to details and strive for perfection

Jinmeng pays attention to details, pursues perfection, and repeatedly scrutinizes every detail of the product. For a long time, we have worked tirelessly to improve our products.

The surface pattern design of the manhole cover largely determines the anti-skid ability of the manhole cover. Jinmeng continues to improve the shape and depth of manhole cover patterns. Even subtle differences require a lot of time and energy to study.

Such an attitude of paying attention to details and pursuing the ultimate has significantly improved the anti-slip ability of Jinmeng manhole covers. Of course, anti-skid is just a miniature of Jinmeng’s attention to detail, and in many respects, we are also the same.

Pay attention to details and strive for perfection

Rigorous production and meticulous

Jinmeng always believes that attitude is everything. In all aspects of product production, it is also necessary to maintain a rigorous attitude at all times. We start with the protection of raw materials, control all aspects of production, adopt strict testing standards, and will never deliver goods easily if the requirements are not met.

Rigorous production and meticulous

Continuous improvement and perfect

Jinmeng will never stop its pursuit of product quality improvement, which urges the company to continuously improve its product quality control. Attracting technical talents, introducing more suitable machines for production, and changing the way of product packaging, each measure reflects Jinmeng's infinite persistence and requirements for "high-quality".

New production machines introduced by Jinmeng in 2021

Continuous improvement and perfect

Product packaging method after reforming(The reformed product packaging method)

Continuous improvement and perfect 2

Insist on innovation and promote research and development

The first domestic composite material anti-settlement manhole cover, smart manhole cover, and anti-theft manhole cover, these new products that are constantly on the market show the innovation strength of Jinmeng. Taking innovation as the driving force, combining market demand, strengthening product functions, and solving industry pain points, is what Jinmeng has been doing.

The first domestic composite anti-settling manhole cover-Lin'an Municipal Project in Zhejiang Province

Continuous improvement and perfect 3

Intelligent manhole cover

Continuous improvement and perfect 4

From made to intelligent manufacturing is a long process. Jinmeng has completed such a transformation. Product quality has always been an unfading sign of an enterprise. With quality upgrades, Jinmeng has always maintained an important position in the industry.

Jinmeng manhole covers take product quality as their signature and have reached cooperation with major well-known brands in the domestic market. In the international market, the popularity of Jinmeng manhole covers is also increasing, and the export range of products is constantly expanding. More than 90 countries in the world are already using Jinmeng products.

Continuous improvement and perfect 5

Enterprise development is a long way to go. We have gained a lot in the transition from made-in-China to intelligent manufacturing in China. In the future, Jinmeng will continue to insist on quality first, continue to innovate and bring new surprises to the industry.

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If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7. We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

 Factory-direct Connectivity Solutions.
 High quality, Competitive Price.
 Custom-tailored solutions.
 Problem-solving approach.