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640mm Round Manhole Cover 640mm Round Manhole Cover
640mm Round Manhole Cover 640mm Round Manhole Cover
640mm Round Manhole Cover 640mm Round Manhole Cover
640mm Round Manhole Cover 640mm Round Manhole Cover


640mm Round Manhole Cover

Heavy duty manhole covers have a longer service life than iron products, and their unit weight is lighter than iron products under the same size and load. Good corrosion resistance, good insulation, and never rust.
  • JM-MR107

  • D400,E600


Main Description

















Weight 59.4kg/20ft Full Load Qty 340








Weight 68.6kg/20ft Full Load Qty 306

A15 BS EN124 A15 Class C250  BS EN 124 C250 Class
Suitable for areas which can only used by pedestrians and pedal cyclitst Installed in the area of beside channels or road.
B125 BS EN124 B125 Class D400  BS EN124 D400 Class
Suitable for the footways, pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car parks or car parking decks. For area of carriageways of roads, hard shoulders and parking areas, for all types of vehicles.


7-high loading capacity High Strength Two Lifting Holes Are Easy For Operation Two Lifting Holes Are Easy For Operation
fireproofing Fireproofing high loading capacity High Loading Capacity
2-MR111D Surface pattern and other customization service is supported


9-Lifting Hole (MR107DE)

Lifting Hole

9-Antiskid Panel (MR107DE)

Antiskid Panel 

9-Logo Area (MR107DE)

Logo Area 

Product Details

Heavy duty manhole covers-D400 manhole cover、E600 manhole cover

Heavy duty manhole covers are usually used in areas with heavy traffic. Therefore, the load-bearing and anti-theft capabilities of the manhole cover must be good enough. The composite manhole cover fundamentally solves the problem of theft. It is made of glass fiber and other reinforced materials, which is solid and durable, and has no recycling value! If the manhole cover is lost, it may cause traffic accidents and personal injury. Our heavy-duty manhole cover has a hinge structure, which completely avoids the possibility of manhole cover separation. And can be locked, not only can protect the equipment in the well, but also prevent the risk of safety accidents caused by the manhole cover being opened at will. With multiple security guarantees.

For private gardens or hotel areas, the airtightness of manhole covers is very important. The unpleasant pungent smell of the sewers affects people's comfort. The Jinmeng composite heavy duty manhole covers have a double-sealed structure and have very good airtightness.

Our manhole covers provide private customization services so that your manhole covers have unique non-slip patterns and eye-catching company logos. In areas with a large flow of people, such as gas stations, non-slip manhole covers can prevent people from slipping when passing through the manhole cover. A custom logo can distinguish the ownership and type of drainage systems in public areas. The design of the manhole cover is humanized. Some manhole covers have drainage holes on the upper part of the cover to avoid water accumulation.

Our Heavy duty manhole covers do not only have round but also have rectangular and square. Adapt to various environments and corners. Compared with cast iron manhole covers, composite manhole covers are easier to move and are easy to install, maintain and transport. For heavy manhole covers that require frequent maintenance, the heavy-duty manhole cover with a hinge structure greatly improves the maintenance efficiency and avoids injuries caused by lifting the load-bearing manhole cover. The heavy-duty composite manhole cover has a good signal transmission function and will not interfere with radio frequency signals even in the manhole.