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600mm Manhole Chamber 600mm Manhole Chamber
600mm Manhole Chamber 600mm Manhole Chamber
600mm Manhole Chamber 600mm Manhole Chamber
600mm Manhole Chamber 600mm Manhole Chamber


600mm Manhole Chamber

  • JM-MH201

  • C250


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Locking System & Weight 116.2kg/20ft Full Load Qty 120

A15 BS EN124 A15 Class C250  BS EN 124 C250 Class
Suitable for areas which can only used by pedestrians and pedal cyclitst Installed in the area of beside channels or road.
B125 BS EN124 B125 Class D400  BS EN124 D400 Class
Suitable for the footways, pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car parks or car parking decks. For area of carriageways of roads, hard shoulders and parking areas, for all types of vehicles.


jinmeng star product JINMENG star product surface pattern Surface pattern and other customization service is supported
high wave-transmissivity High wave-transmissivity for power and telecommunication industry For power and telecommunication industry
very light enables one person to lift Very light enables one person to lift fireproofing Fireproofing


locking system

Locking system



logo area

Logo area

anti-skid pattern

Anti-skid pattern

Product Details

The advantages of installing a prefabricated modular overhaul system on traditional solutions in terms of speed, efficiency, health, and safety. The composite material is non-conductive and is very suitable for the connection and connection of underground cables, or for the installation and subsequent maintenance of telecommunications equipment. 

Composite Assemble Manhole vs Concrete Manhole 

The composite assemble manhole is more durable

Jinmeng assemble SMC manhole is made of composite reinforced materials. As an underground facility, it has very good waterproof permeability and corrosion resistance, with high material strength and weather stability. Corrosion resistance and low water absorption (less than 0.5%). High and low-temperature applications (-80℃-150℃). Ours assemble SMC manhole is extremely flexible and has no risk of crushing, ensuring safe use. 

Lower cost of composite assemble manhole

The Jinmeng assemble SMC manhole chamber is very light, and the total weight is only 1/10 of traditional concrete. By reducing installation time and reducing the required personnel and equipment, the total EPC cost will be reduced. Compared with the brick-built chamber, the transportation cost and labor time cost are greatly reduced in terms of transportation materials. And the Jinmeng assemble SMC manhole adopts the unique "knock-down" design, which means that the panels are disassembled when transported and assembled to the destination, and the transportation space is 1/4 of the traditional prefabricated manhole-which means the total transportation volume and logistics amount will be reduced by 3/4. 

Composite assemble manhole installation is more convenient and safer

The composite inspection chamber is more flexible on-site conditions.

during installation, disassembly, and assembly on site, the pre-drilled SMC panels that have been reserved on both sides of the manhole can be easily disassembled during the wiring process to meet any requirements. It saves the time and cost of drilling on site. The assembled parts are light and easy to install. The traditional need to prepare materials, lay cement, bricks, pouring, drilling, and so on. Some also need large machinery to lift manholes. Assemble SMC manhole installation time is much shorter, and the manhole material is lighter and safer. Assemble SMC manhole greatly saves installation time, labor costs, and material costs. It is currently a very popular product. The composite inspection chamber has more advantages in terms of speed, efficiency, health, and safety than the prefabricated modular inspection system installed on traditional solutions.